This Diet Will Help Reduce Your Acne

So, new year new you right? But curing you’re acne problem isn’t as simple as flipping a switch. However, maybe it is as simple as changing what you eat. According to a new study, if you change your diet to eat only foods with low gylcemic indexes and maintain this for at least three months, you’re acne should start to subside substantially. This won’t cure you forever of acne the same way going to the dentist and having your cavities filled won’t cure you of cavities forever – you need to make permanent changes in order to see permanent results, plain and simple.
You might now be wondering which foods are ok to consume by this diet and which aren’t. As you might expect all sorts of foods are different and will yield different results. You can start by checking here first. After that you should realize that it is what you likely suspected: healthier foods have lower glycemic indexes and thus are better for you’re acne killing diet. Vegetables and wheats are much lower on the gylcemic index scale while soft drinks and sweets in general are much higher. It’s also reccomended that you participate in workouts that cause less perspiration than normal during these first three months such as swimming, martial arts, and high weight low repetition weight lifting.
Once again, we arrive at the age old dilemma – eating healthy sucks and tastes bad. There isn’t really a solution for that other than making healthy eating a habit by sticking it through for at least a month (anything you do for at least a month will become habitual, by definition). All this article proves is that there is yet another reason to start eating healthier!


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