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Americans Are Finally Looking To Nutrition And Exercise On A Regular Basis

According to a recent survey, many Americans are not happy with the shape they’re in. In fact, almost seventy percent aren’t happy with the shape that their currently in according to that survey. Everyone in that 70% felt that they were either too fat, skinny, short or tall. The bright side is that most of these people also said they wanted to change that and were willing to start doing something active in order to do so.
The average American exercises for 6.5 hours a week. However, another survey suggests that four out of ten Americans only work out or exercise for less than five hours per week. So while MOST Americans are getting enough exercise, “most” is only slightly more than half. This is obviously specific to each individual person and their own specific needs but it is fairly alarming that no matter what almost all Americans get less than an hour of exercise daily – less than 1/24th of our time is devoted to staying fit.
The main issue with the lack of exercise in the country seems to be people are having trouble motivating themselves to do so. The same seems to be the case with Americans and nutrition or “eating right” as many would aptly call it. How can the average person rectify this? That’s tough to say really. Every person is different, so, different things will work for different people. As far as exercise, the best place to start is by trying different and various forms of exercises (classes, sports etc) to see which you enjoy most and then expand upon that. When it comes to nutrition, the answer is fairly similar – try different types of healthy foods then work your favorites into your diet in lieu of unhealthy options. You can start by trying the “fitness type foods” – things like grilled chicken, turkey, whole wheat bread, peanut butter, whey protein etc. You can also try going paleo which is a fish based diet or by going vegan which is a fruit and vegetable based diet.

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Change Your Mentality To Improve Your Nutrition!

All positive life changes start with your mentality – your overall attitude and mindset about something. The same absolutely applies to your nutrition and nutrition based habits. If you alter the most essential ideas behind something you can change that very thing completely and your eating habits are no different. True change starts in your mind and branches out from there.
One such mental change you can make regarding your nutrition is the attitude of “How can I eat the most with the least consequences?” You can change for the better by thinking “Eating just enough is fine with me” Eating shouldn’t be your only joy in life – if it is, your overall and/or mental health must be very poor and you will have more changes to make than just a mindset. Another great mentality change you can make to help your eating habits improve is making permanent changes in your eating habits. Yes, this advice is quite cliche but let’s look at it from a mental standpoint. Taking the mental leap of permanently eliminating a certain food or snack from your daily diet is no easy feat but it’s something you’ll be glad you did once you get over the initial hump. Doing something like this is far more effective than some 30-day fad diet.
The final change we’ll discuss in this blog is that you can sort out which foods truly make you happy. I’m sure you’ll find you’re eating a bunch of junk food that you don’t even particularly care for. Doing this will help you really limit the unhealthy food you consume on a daily or weekly basis and it will also help you enjoy the food you do love much more. You can even use this as a jumping off point to savor your “cheat” meals more in the way that you can eat smaller portions of them and still derive the same amount of happiness and joy from them as you would if you ate some over-the-top mass quantity.

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Benefits Of A Ketogenic Diet

What is a ketogenic diet? This is a low-carb diet that turns the body into a fat burning machine resulting in increased weight loss. When on this diet, your body changes its fuel supply in such a way that it operates on stored fats in the body. This is simply because, your insulin levels become low which in turn makes it easy for the body processes to access your stored fat to burn them off. If you are trying to lose weight without fasting, then this diet is the ultimate nutrition for you. What are some of the additional benefits of a Ketogenic diet?
Benefits of a Ketogenic diet
1. Weight loss
Can you imagine the effect of turning your body into a fat-burning machine? The most obvious effect is excessive weight loss. When fat burning is increased in the body, the levels of insulin which is a fat storing hormone reduce considerably creating an ideal condition in which fat loss occurs. This low-carb diet aids in weight loss since it gets rid of excess water from the body. As a result of the lowered insulin levels, kidneys shed excess sodium which causes excessive water loss. A low carb diet causes more weight loss than most of the diets they are compared to. In short, ketogenic diet results in weight loss due to lowered insulin levels that result in improved ability of the body to burn stored fat.
2. Anti – aging
Would you like to stay young for longer? One way of increasing lifespan is by lowering oxidative stress in the body. Keto diet reduces insulin levels which in turn decreases oxidative stress which is responsible for early aging.
3. Increased ability to fight diseases
Studies has shown that this miracle diet treats and improves the body’s ability to fight various diseases such as;
i. Diabetes Type 2 – This diet is good at reversing type 2 Diabetes because of the fact that it lowers blood sugar and the related negative effects.
ii. Epilepsy – This diet has been tested in both children and adults to treat epilepsy and has been effective in decreasing seizures.
iii. Cancer – Following a ketogenic diet strictly may help prevent and kill cancerous cells in the body.
4. Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS)
Do you suffer from constant stomach discomfort, chronic diarrhea or bloating? If you do, then you should try changing your diet to a low-carb diet. Although the benefits of this diet on stomach upsets are experienced after a long use of Ketogenic diet, its ultimate result is amazing. This diet provides relief, improves abdominal pain and the general quality of life for people suffering from IBS which is mostly caused by sugar and grain consumption.
5. Increased endurance
Most people avoid vigorous exercises because they run out of energy very early ending up weak and exhausted. Do you find it hard to run for long distances without getting tired? Ketogenic diet increases your body’s endurance by giving it energy from the fat stores. After exercising for long hours, your body gets exhausted making it important to source for an extra source of energy such as an energy drink. When on a ketogenic diet, the problem of eating after every vigorous activity is reduced. This is because, your brain and body gets fueled easily by the powerful fat stores giving you more energy to endure hardships and dynamic exercises.
6. Improved mental health
Do you find it hard to remember simple instructions without updating your reminder? When on a ketogenic diet, one avoids swings in blood sugar which results in improved concentration as well as increased focus. This diet also improves brain function, memory recall, results in improved learning and brings about clarity of thoughts. Several studies have revealed that the human brain and the heart runs more efficiently on ketones than on blood sugar and that it improves the functioning of the adult memory even after a short time of usage.
7. Reduced heartburn
Do you suffer from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) or heartburn related issues? Heartburn and other related infections such as acidity in the esophagus should reduce significantly when you are on a low-carb diet.
8. Decreased cholesterol
Are you aware that cholesterol in the body is made from excess glucose in the diet? When your intake of sugar is low, you do less damage to inflammation drops as well as the arterial system. This therefore means that the level of cholesterol in the body reduces significantly. This is because your body has less glucose from which to make additional cholesterol.
The list of conditions shown to improve from the intake of Ketogenic diet is long. However, some results such as weight loss are short term while others are experienced after a long time of usage. It is therefore upon you to remain disciplined to this miracle diet for the best results. Start eating well today for tomorrows desired body results. Remember, you ar

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Discussion: Nutrition Trends Of 2017


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After speaking with several experts, we’ve come up with what we believe will be the four biggest nutrition trends in 2017. Here, we will discuss the biggest positives and negatives of each as well as why we believe each will trend up in popularity in the next ten or so months.

  • Quinoa

  • Quinoa has become pretty popular and will get A LOT more popular in 2017. In fact, it may even give Kale a run for it’s money in terms of it’s popularity. This is due to the fact that it’s rich in fiber, protein, antioxidants, and many other nutritious things.

  • Mediterranean

  • The Mediterranean diet is one of the hottest diet trends most recently. That might be because it has show the most health benefits over other diets. The diet involves eating mostly fruits, nuts, vegetables and fish while cutting out low quality grains and meats.

  • Probiotics & Prebiotics

  • Both probiotics and prebiotics are the ave of the future and the future has been here for the better part of a decade yet few people seemed to know it. That’s about to change in a big way. This year more and more people will find out about the plentiful health benefits behind these helpful bacteria.

  • Balanced Nutrition Patterns

  • In 2017 the trend will shift from extreme dieting and training to a more balanced and wholesome approach to overall health and nutrition. Short-lived fad diets and quick-turnaround workout plans will become a thing of the past with long-term and life-long solutions taking their place.

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A Few Tricks To Cut Weight & Train Easier From MMA Vet James Terry

For anyone who is in the business of having to cut weight and train in general, this blog post will help you out with a few tips and tricks from mixed martial arts veteran James Terry and courtesy of Terry is best known for fighting as both a welterweight and a lightweight in both Strikeforce and Bellator MMA. That’s where his advice is so valuable – at lightweight he fought at about 155 pounds whereas at welterweight he fought at 170 pounds and, by his own admission, he walks around at about 185 pounds. So, he’s seen a lot of differences in his weight, training, and diet over the years.
As you might expect, he said his diet is one of the most important things in the process of cutting and/or maintaining weight and that it changes both weekly and daily during these periods rather than just during the periods as a whole. He says that a ketogenic diet really helped him most during these periods. A ketogenic diet is a high fat and low carbohydrate diet that forces your body to cut fats instead of cutting carbs for energy. He did say, however, because of his grueling training regimen that he took a modified approach to this diet. He would back-load his carb consumption during his training in order to support his immune system and recover (instead of for energy) meaning he would carb-up after the hardest parts of his training were finished.
As far as training, Terry said that he would also changes things up here. He says that he changes things up frequently in order to keep his body guessing which really helps yields the very best results. This causes muscle confusion which leads to rapid fat loss AKA weight being cut. He switches from heavy weight training to high-involved cardiovascular workouts to circuit training as well as many other workouts.
Most of all, always consult a dietitian and/or a doctor before cutting/jumping large amount of weights because if not done properly it can be extremely dangerous!

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Get Your Kids More Nutritious & Fit In 2017 With These Tips

Struggling to keep your family on a proper diet and exercising in the low light of winter? You aren’t alone! November through February are the hardest months to keep yourself eating right and working out – never mind several other people as well! This article is a list of tips and tricks to help you keep yourself AND your whole family working out and eating healthy during these bleak winter months.

  • Start With The Babies!

  • The first thing you should consider really is starting a lifetime of health at the start of a lifetime. Only makes sense right? When it comes to nutritious eating for babies you should stick to breast feeding for the first six months and then follow that with a steady diet of iron rich foods as well as a borderline over-dose of fruits & veggies. Get them used to fruits and veggies early and you won’t have to hear the complaints later!

  • Teach Them By Example

  • This is the classic example and cautionary tale of “monkey-see monkey-do.” You are, easily, the biggest influence in your child’s life – they will always be watching your every move including what you’re eating. So, if you’re eating right they will be inclined to as well. Ensuring that you eat as many meals as possible together is crucial for the success of this concept as well.

  • Make The Options Healthy Options

  • Instead of letting temptation curtail the health efforts, stock the house up with the healthiest options you can. Limit the amount of sugary drinks in the refrigerator and stock up on natural fruit juices and bottled water. Ditch the junk food and load up the fridge with fruits and veggies – preferably already cut up and ready to eat kids style!

  • Trick Them Into Working Out!

  • Getting kids to exercise can be near impossible. Especially when they feel they performing physical fitness for the sake of performing physical fitness. Sign them up for sports teams that they might enjoy like soccer, basketball and/or baseball. You can even try more alternative methods like swimming, kids karate, or some improvised activities.

These are just SOME ideas to kick-start you’re healthy household. Feel free to come up with your own to help supplement the healthy balance in your household!

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This Diet Will Help Reduce Your Acne

So, new year new you right? But curing you’re acne problem isn’t as simple as flipping a switch. However, maybe it is as simple as changing what you eat. According to a new study, if you change your diet to eat only foods with low gylcemic indexes and maintain this for at least three months, you’re acne should start to subside substantially. This won’t cure you forever of acne the same way going to the dentist and having your cavities filled won’t cure you of cavities forever – you need to make permanent changes in order to see permanent results, plain and simple.
You might now be wondering which foods are ok to consume by this diet and which aren’t. As you might expect all sorts of foods are different and will yield different results. You can start by checking here first. After that you should realize that it is what you likely suspected: healthier foods have lower glycemic indexes and thus are better for you’re acne killing diet. Vegetables and wheats are much lower on the gylcemic index scale while soft drinks and sweets in general are much higher. It’s also reccomended that you participate in workouts that cause less perspiration than normal during these first three months such as swimming, martial arts, and high weight low repetition weight lifting.
Once again, we arrive at the age old dilemma – eating healthy sucks and tastes bad. There isn’t really a solution for that other than making healthy eating a habit by sticking it through for at least a month (anything you do for at least a month will become habitual, by definition). All this article proves is that there is yet another reason to start eating healthier!

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Here Are 2017’s Most Highly Anticipated Dietary Trends

This year’s annual “What’s Trending In Nutrition” survey has been released after polling almost 2,000 expert dietitians. Right off the bat, we have the top recommendations for eating healthier in the upcoming year which are: cutting out as much processed food as possible, consuming more vegetables and fruit, choosing foods based on high quality ingredients instead of “dieting” and always eating nutrient rich food groups.
It is also suspected that because of the heightened level of reporting food companies are forced to adhere to regarding ingredients that people are becoming much less concerned with over-the-top healthy food trends such as gluten-free, GMO free and sustainable trends. Now that people have a much better idea of what’s in their food they can decide on a case-by-case basis whether or not each individual food is fit for their very own consumption.
New fitness & dietary apps and blogs will help people make more informed choices about the foods that they eat. This is something that was almost in unanimous agreement between all of the experts on this survey. Apps like Fitbit and MyFitnessPal and blogs like this one will help put the valuable info needed at a consumers beck and call when they need it to help make choices about eating healthy. Home delivery of meal prep is also expected to explode in 2017 with thousands of new services opening in the past year across the country – all with online ordering available.

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