Benefits Of A Ketogenic Diet

What is a ketogenic diet? This is a low-carb diet that turns the body into a fat burning machine resulting in increased weight loss. When on this diet, your body changes its fuel supply in such a way that it operates on stored fats in the body. This is simply because, your insulin levels become low which in turn makes it easy for the body processes to access your stored fat to burn them off. If you are trying to lose weight without fasting, then this diet is the ultimate nutrition for you. What are some of the additional benefits of a Ketogenic diet?
Benefits of a Ketogenic diet
1. Weight loss
Can you imagine the effect of turning your body into a fat-burning machine? The most obvious effect is excessive weight loss. When fat burning is increased in the body, the levels of insulin which is a fat storing hormone reduce considerably creating an ideal condition in which fat loss occurs. This low-carb diet aids in weight loss since it gets rid of excess water from the body. As a result of the lowered insulin levels, kidneys shed excess sodium which causes excessive water loss. A low carb diet causes more weight loss than most of the diets they are compared to. In short, ketogenic diet results in weight loss due to lowered insulin levels that result in improved ability of the body to burn stored fat.
2. Anti – aging
Would you like to stay young for longer? One way of increasing lifespan is by lowering oxidative stress in the body. Keto diet reduces insulin levels which in turn decreases oxidative stress which is responsible for early aging.
3. Increased ability to fight diseases
Studies has shown that this miracle diet treats and improves the body’s ability to fight various diseases such as;
i. Diabetes Type 2 – This diet is good at reversing type 2 Diabetes because of the fact that it lowers blood sugar and the related negative effects.
ii. Epilepsy – This diet has been tested in both children and adults to treat epilepsy and has been effective in decreasing seizures.
iii. Cancer – Following a ketogenic diet strictly may help prevent and kill cancerous cells in the body.
4. Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS)
Do you suffer from constant stomach discomfort, chronic diarrhea or bloating? If you do, then you should try changing your diet to a low-carb diet. Although the benefits of this diet on stomach upsets are experienced after a long use of Ketogenic diet, its ultimate result is amazing. This diet provides relief, improves abdominal pain and the general quality of life for people suffering from IBS which is mostly caused by sugar and grain consumption.
5. Increased endurance
Most people avoid vigorous exercises because they run out of energy very early ending up weak and exhausted. Do you find it hard to run for long distances without getting tired? Ketogenic diet increases your body’s endurance by giving it energy from the fat stores. After exercising for long hours, your body gets exhausted making it important to source for an extra source of energy such as an energy drink. When on a ketogenic diet, the problem of eating after every vigorous activity is reduced. This is because, your brain and body gets fueled easily by the powerful fat stores giving you more energy to endure hardships and dynamic exercises.
6. Improved mental health
Do you find it hard to remember simple instructions without updating your reminder? When on a ketogenic diet, one avoids swings in blood sugar which results in improved concentration as well as increased focus. This diet also improves brain function, memory recall, results in improved learning and brings about clarity of thoughts. Several studies have revealed that the human brain and the heart runs more efficiently on ketones than on blood sugar and that it improves the functioning of the adult memory even after a short time of usage.
7. Reduced heartburn
Do you suffer from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) or heartburn related issues? Heartburn and other related infections such as acidity in the esophagus should reduce significantly when you are on a low-carb diet.
8. Decreased cholesterol
Are you aware that cholesterol in the body is made from excess glucose in the diet? When your intake of sugar is low, you do less damage to inflammation drops as well as the arterial system. This therefore means that the level of cholesterol in the body reduces significantly. This is because your body has less glucose from which to make additional cholesterol.
The list of conditions shown to improve from the intake of Ketogenic diet is long. However, some results such as weight loss are short term while others are experienced after a long time of usage. It is therefore upon you to remain disciplined to this miracle diet for the best results. Start eating well today for tomorrows desired body results. Remember, you are what you eat!


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