Americans Are Finally Looking To Nutrition And Exercise On A Regular Basis

According to a recent survey, many Americans are not happy with the shape they’re in. In fact, almost seventy percent aren’t happy with the shape that their currently in according to that survey. Everyone in that 70% felt that they were either too fat, skinny, short or tall. The bright side is that most of these people also said they wanted to change that and were willing to start doing something active in order to do so.
The average American exercises for 6.5 hours a week. However, another survey suggests that four out of ten Americans only work out or exercise for less than five hours per week. So while MOST Americans are getting enough exercise, “most” is only slightly more than half. This is obviously specific to each individual person and their own specific needs but it is fairly alarming that no matter what almost all Americans get less than an hour of exercise daily – less than 1/24th of our time is devoted to staying fit.
The main issue with the lack of exercise in the country seems to be people are having trouble motivating themselves to do so. The same seems to be the case with Americans and nutrition or “eating right” as many would aptly call it. How can the average person rectify this? That’s tough to say really. Every person is different, so, different things will work for different people. As far as exercise, the best place to start is by trying different and various forms of exercises (classes, sports etc) to see which you enjoy most and then expand upon that. When it comes to nutrition, the answer is fairly similar – try different types of healthy foods then work your favorites into your diet in lieu of unhealthy options. You can start by trying the “fitness type foods” – things like grilled chicken, turkey, whole wheat bread, peanut butter, whey protein etc. You can also try going paleo which is a fish based diet or by going vegan which is a fruit and vegetable based diet.


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