Month: December 2016

Here Are 2017’s Most Highly Anticipated Dietary Trends

This year’s annual “What’s Trending In Nutrition” survey has been released after polling almost 2,000 expert dietitians. Right off the bat, we have the top recommendations for eating healthier in the upcoming year which are: cutting out as much processed food as possible, consuming more vegetables and fruit, choosing foods based on high quality ingredients instead of “dieting” and always eating nutrient rich food groups.
It is also suspected that because of the heightened level of reporting food companies are forced to adhere to regarding ingredients that people are becoming much less concerned with over-the-top healthy food trends such as gluten-free, GMO free and sustainable trends. Now that people have a much better idea of what’s in their food they can decide on a case-by-case basis whether or not each individual food is fit for their very own consumption.
New fitness & dietary apps and blogs will help people make more informed choices about the foods that they eat. This is something that was almost in unanimous agreement between all of the experts on this survey. Apps like Fitbit and MyFitnessPal and blogs like this one will help put the valuable info needed at a consumers beck and call when they need it to help make choices about eating healthy. Home delivery of meal prep is also expected to explode in 2017 with thousands of new services opening in the past year across the country – all with online ordering available.

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